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Spirochem Lifesciences is Social Enterprices in Nutrient Premixes, Nutraceuticals, Herbautrients, we are mainly involved in Inorganic and Organic Nutrients, Premixes for malnutrition prevention and health supplements; Spirochem mainly involved in Manufacturing, Supply and Export of various Nutrient Premixes, Nutrinets Blends, Health Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Tailor Made Premixes, ustom made Nutrients for Health Supplements, Bakery, Auqa, Plants, Animals, etc. as per Industrial norms. Our manufactured products are regularly exported to various Non-Regulated, Semi-regulated and Regulated Markets across various countries and continents.

Spirochem is established by a group of experienced professional industry leaders who recognized the need for flexible and reliable supply of Speciality Premixes and Blends to meet the regula need of Nutrients of Human, Animals, Aqua and others and help in fighting Malnutrition across the globe. During the time, we recognized and identified the immense need of Contract Research (R&D), Custom development and Contract Manufacturing to contribute a drop of growth in the Ocean of Nutraceutical and Functional Food Nutrient Industry by unloading burden of manufacturing.

Our personnel have years of industry experience from the management, sales, marketing, customer service, operations, manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Quality Control , Regulatory Affairs and Research and Development from various industry verticals.

The Company has built on a clear focus of becoming a leader in Food Nutrient Premixes, Nutraceutical and Health Supplement industry by manufacture and exports of various Speciality Premixes, Nutriotnal Food Premixes, Health Supplements and Food Additives, Fine Chemicals and serving various NGO's, Govt. Bodies, and Functional Food Manufacturing companies across the globe.

We, Spirochem are an innovative and growth oriented company and believe that success comes from strong, long-term customer and supplier relationship.

Spirochem provides quality products with pioneering solutions and a commitment to service.

Spirochem helps Fighting Malnutrition:

With the rise of the agriculture outputs, Global Income are bringing Prosperity to various countries. But with increasing income and use of chemicals in the farm, the Nutrient levels are not adequate and thus, there is acute increase of Hidden hunger even in the healthy food.

Organic and Inorganic Premixes, are the mixture or blend Organic, Inorganic, or Natural Nutrients, chemicals which is used to fortify the food for better nutritional values and feed the hidden hunger of the food. The Hidden Hunger is the cause of Malnutrition leads to death, deases and stunted lives in several countries, Including developing countries in the world.

Malnutrition leads to increase the burden of Healthcare system and hence, resulting the inability of an Individual and by that mean a inables country in achieving its fullest potential.

In the view, Spirochem Lifesciences have various Fortification Premixes, Organic and Inorganic Nutrients / premix blending, Micronutrients repacking and testing facility as per Government of India's Initiative of Food Fortification and Hunger free India and the world.

What is Food Fortification ???

Fortification is the addition of key vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Vitamins A & D to staple foods such as rice, wheat, oil, milk and salt to improve their nutritional content.

These nutrients may or may not have been originally present in the food before processing or may have been lost during processing.

Hence, Fortification helps bringing back the nutrients level in the Food and feed our Hidden Hunger..!

Why Food Fortificaiton..??

Deficiency of micronutrients or micronutrient malnutrition, also known as "Hidden Hunger", is a serious health risk. Access to safe and nutritious food is a must and sometimes due to lack of consumption of a balanced diet, lack variety in the diet or unavailability of food one does not get adequate micronutrients. Often, there is considerable loss of nutrients during the processing of food as well. One of the strategies to address this problem is fortification of food. This method complements other ways to improve nutrition such as such as diversification of diet and supplementation of food.

India has a very high burden of micronutrient deficiencies caused by Vitamin A, Iodine, Iron and Folic Acid leading to Night Blindness, Goitre, Anaemia and various birth defects. According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) ?