About Spirochem

About Us : Allow us to introduce

Spirochem Lifesciences Private Limited is an ambitious Indian Food Fortification Premixes, Dietory Supplements, Premixes, Micronutrient Premixes, Nutraceutical company; mainly involved in Manufacturing, Supply and Export of various Dietory Supplements, Nutraceuticals, Micronutrient Premixes, Fortification Premixes and Glends, and Inorganic Food Addetives, Independent Nutrients which are Custom made, Custom designed and developed as per the need of the customer and as per Industrial norms. Partners with its clients alike to deliver customized solutions that resolve their significant issues and create lasting competitive advantage. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, SpiroChem looks beyond standard solutions to develop new insights, mobilize resources, drive tangible results, and make our partner more capable of meeting challenges in the burgeoning global Pharmaceutical & Speciality chemicals market.

Spirochem is one of the companies to realize the need of providing best and fast services to the pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Nutraceuticals and Functional Food Industry. Understanding need of Customised Research (R&D) in Premixes, Custom Development and Design of the Individual nutrients needs, Spirochem have also engaged itself into Contract Research (R&D), Custom Development and design of Premixes, Contract Manufacturing of Premixes India at its Plant.

Spirochem has highly technical & professional employees, who is been assisted by around skilled executive to conduct day to day activities in the functioning of various divisions. The Company is built on a clear focus of being the market leader in the manufacture, supply and exports of raw materials and fine chemicals for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Food and beverages, and fine chemical companies across the globe.

In Spirochem Lifesciences, our main goal remains to fight Malnutrition and satisfy Hidden Hunger of Human being and Animals for Propper Nutritions as their birth right.! And to continue with our Vision of Hunger free world, we undertsand the quality is very important and key factor. Hence, our facility is FSSAI (FDA) approved following GMP Guidlines.

Spirochem feels the future growth drivers for the company shall be improvement in the existing businesses through wider reach & penetration, utilizing our years of pharmaceutical and Speciality Chemicals marketing experience and contribution from the newer divisions through Technological & Regulatory advancements. Moreover, Spirochem will continue in it's endeavour to enter into newer areas of technological advancements and knowledge driven businesses for further expansions.

Spirochem believes in building everlasting, rewarding relationship with its employees and clients alike that has strong foundation on higher standard of quality, trust, reliability and transparency in the conduct of the business, which leads to mutual growth.